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  • MATTRESS, Home  Perfect Service. A huge relief for bachelors shifting to the city.helps you settle down soon 🙂

    MATTRESS, Home Amrata Saxena
    July 1, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  I've ordered twice from them and both times been surprised at the swift service. The first time, I ordered a double mattress and the second time, 2 single box type ones. Absolutely blown away by their service. The second time, I was urgently in need of it and needed it to be delivered as soon as possible. They called me up the next day and told me they could deliver immediately and it just reached me. Very happy with them. I definitely recommend them for all your 'Boriya Bistar' needs. Perfect condition, on time, every time. A huge shout-out to them!

    MATTRESS, Home Arshi Sheriff
    January 15, 2017

    MATTRESS, Home  This is good for bachelor's newly shifted to Bangalore but not ideal for family. This is due to their poor delivery team. They communicated the delivery will happen by evening 8PM. Till 9 whenever I was calling delivery team he kept on saying he is stuck at Marathahalli due to jam.Finally they delivered it at 1030 PM night.. Traffic jam in Bangalore is not new but is this a good time to deliver!! However we got what we ordered so giving it average rating.

    MATTRESS, Home Biswanath Chatterjee
    January 12, 2018

    MATTRESS, Home  Good inventory in affordable pricing.!! Thank you so much.!

    MATTRESS, Home Nikesh Kumar
    September 3, 2016
  • MATTRESS, Home  Quick delivery and good quality products! Keep up the good work! �

    MATTRESS, Home Divija Gogineni
    August 29, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  We have experienced Boriya Bistar’s exceptional service. Recently we could experience similar quality of service from yet another brand – Sunday. We ordered a Sunday mattress and got it delivered on the same day itself. It was indeed a surprise as we were not expecting such a prompt delivery. The quality of the product is also excellent. I wish all other brands with an online presence were also as customer friendly as Boriya Bistar and Sunday.

    MATTRESS, Home Kevin Paatrick
    March 15, 2017

    MATTRESS, Home  I got to know about this from my flatmate and I ordered a mattress. The quality is great and the mattress is aptly priced. The delivery system is the best. Unlike other sites, they didn't deliver it according to their convinience and asked me to stay at home but they prioritized my convinience and delivered it at night. Thank you so much guys. Keep up the good work !!P.S: Please add some more products

    MATTRESS, Home Shreya Dasgupta
    October 5, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  Pathetic experience! Owner is not at all responsible.. zero customer satisfaction. Please dont buy from this site if you dont want to go through mental trauma.

    MATTRESS, Home Charu Gupta
    August 2, 2019
  • MATTRESS, Home  I accidentally happened to open this website while searching for cotton mattress.. Really so happy dat I landed here... I made a unique order and I got it delivered by 11pm as committed.. The team is so responsible and dedicated... Keep up the good work guys....you are doing great 🙂 I'm so happy with the mattress.. The quality is too good and I'm so satisfied.. Thank you🍀

    MATTRESS, Home Banu Priya Thangavel
    December 10, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  I got to know about boria bistar from one of my colleagues. They delivered my order at the promised time. Good job guys, keep it up �

    MATTRESS, Home Gautam Sharma
    November 8, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  I ordered mattress on Sunday....but due to some disturbance in the city they were not able to deliver it to me on time.....but inspite of that I liked the way they explained the problems they were facing in delivering the product and on my request they delivered the mattress to me on the Wednesday late night around 12:30 am.......good job guys.. Keep up the good work......

    MATTRESS, Home Amit Agrawal
    September 14, 2016

    MATTRESS, Home  You guys are doing great job starting from the order to delivery. Strongly recommend to everyone as: 1. More or less cheap 2. Genuine products 3. Support is awesome. Always responsive. 4. You can pay online at the time of delivery. 5. Free Delivery to your doorstep at Bangalore.

    MATTRESS, Home Arghya Paul
    April 2, 2018