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Lying in your bed after a busy day is a heavenly experience. Letting go of your stress and resting easy in the comfort your mattress is vital to take on the next day with renewed vigour and happiness.

That’s why we feature only the finest mattresses in India.
Because we want you to sleep really well in your new city.

Explore and experience cosy sleeping day after day
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Starting at Rs.850
For comfort without compromising on the budget, our cotton mattresses are a superb pick. Available in black and white cotton, our mattresses are designed to last long and offer the essential comfort for a peaceful sleep. White is natural and re-usable, whereas Black is synthetic and non re-usable.
If you prefer lightweight for easy transportation, try our Normal stitch mattresses. Box stitch mattresses are heavier, but more comfy too. Normal stitch mattress is approximately 2inch which, and box stitch mattress is approximately 4inch thick.

Starting at Rs.1800
How is it different from Cotton mattress? It has a lot more quantity of cotton filling to give the mattress more strength and longevity. The thickness is considerably more, which means you can experience more comfort and cosiness while sleeping. Only available in white cotton.

Foam Mattress

Starting at Rs.3183
Blending luxury and affordability, Pure Foam Mattresses are a wonderful choice for those with a mid-range pocket. Extremely practical and long lasting, these foam mattresses are designed to be water resistant, fire retardant, and all-weather friendly. Like Coir Mattresses, these too offer excellent support to your spine and back, so it’s recommended for health-conscious folks.

Foam + Coir Mattress

Starting at Rs.3709
A remarkable combination of foam and coir, these mattresses offer extreme comfort and sturdy support to ensure your body rests easy and you sleep well. Natural and healthier, these mattresses are made of a high-density coir block that is layered with U Foam and Cotton Quilting, so you can expect the bed to last for a long time.

Spring Mattress

Starting at Rs.7257
For a luxurious and healthy sleeping experience, there could be no better option than Spring Mattresses. Offering fantastic back support and superb lying comfort, Spring Mattresses work magic on your body, relieving body pressure and mind-stress. So you are bound to enjoy a sound sleep no matter how stressed or physically tired you are!

Memory foam Mattress

Starting at Rs.4510
Imagine the sheer joy and comfort of lying in a bed that responds to your body heat and pressure. Memory Foam mattresses promise you just that! These unique mattresses adjust to suit the way you sleep, keeping your body at total ease. So that you wake up fresh and renewed. Once you remove the pressure, the mattresses return to their original state.
Made of polyurethane and a combination of chemicals, Memory Foam mattresses are a lovely pick for those who seek comfort within a budget.


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